TORK Xpro Elements (speakers only)

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RiderMount are the official UK Distributor for TORK products

Based in Canada TORK are considered to be one of the best helmet speaker manufacturers in the world and offer compact high quality helmet speakers designed to fit comfortably inside your helmet while providing great sound. All TORK speakers will universally fit all ski, motorcycle and bicycle helmets.

These are bare Xpro Helmet Speakers without wires or extension cords designed to be soldered to upgrade factory systems or aftermarket bluetooth intercoms.

Visit our Helmet Speakers section to see our full range of TORK headsets.

2 reviews for TORK Xpro Elements (speakers only)

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    Hi Colin,
    Speakers received and fitted, thanks. Very impressive, what a difference in sound quality and volume.
    FYI, I have fitted them to a Shoei Neotec helmet to replace my Autocom speakers after one of them failed. They fit better if the outer covers on the Tork Xpro are removed, they will then fit in the Shoei speaker recesses. The original Shoei speaker covers can be refitted if the sponge (that goes in the speaker recess when no speakers fitted) is removed from the cover, the resulting glue residue can be removed with isopropanol switch cleaner (it’s a good idea to wash the covers with a mild detergent after removing the glue).
    The only issue I had was when trying to solder the new speakers, I forgot about the speaker magnet which decided to attach itself to my soldering iron during the soldering process, melting a little bit of the plastic on the back of the magnet! This is not a problem as it can’t be seen and it isn’t going to affect the performance of the speaker.
    Many thanks for your prompt service and help on the telephone prior to my purchase.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Excellent speakers, really easy to install, great sound quality right through the range, would recommend if you like heavy music, bass is really good!
    My setup is an Interphone F5MC headset in a Shoei Hornet ADV Helmet linked to my BMW R1200 GSA satnav.
    Sound quality was poor with the Interphone speakers so changed to the Shoei speakers. These were better but not great. Have now soldered these “bad boys” in and the quality far exceeded my expectations

    Thanks Colin, nice one!

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Speaker Dimensions: 60mm diameter x 10mm thickness
Stereo Sound
Signal Power: 32ohm
Max Power: 500mW
Frequency range 20-22,000 hz at 106db/1KHz
Product weighs 0.12kg