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Allows you to hear your car SatNav when using on your motorcycle.

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Use a car SatNav on your motorcycle … then read on.

Many modern car SatNavs have no audio output so when riding you cannot hear the instructions and have to rely on taking your eyes off the road to look at the SatNav screen. That is until now … this innovative product, designed for SatNavs without an audio output, now lets you hear the instructions as you ride.

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GPSaudio relays navigation instructions from your SatNav speaker to earbuds or speakers.

Simple to install, it is small enough to sit inside a waterproof GPS case or tankbag sleeve. Developed and manufactured in the UK by RiderMount this unit has undergone many miles of on-road testing to ensure that navigation instructions are transmitted clearly and that wind noise is cancelled out.

The tiny new button microphone simply sticks to the rear casing of the SatNav and can be unplugged from the GPSaudio lead when using your SatNav in the car.

Flying leads for 12v bike power and 3.5mm stereo output are provided to aid disconnection and can be access through most GPS case cable ports. Power lead plug features a waterproof rubber cover.

We offer a Waterproof GPS case with a range of mounting solutions … see our GPS case section.

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Compatible with all GPS SatNav models
GPSaudio module with +/- volume buttons
Plug in microphone
12v fused connection lead
Simple to install

Product weighs 0.15kg