Weatherproof USB Socket


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Product Description

This compact all weather USB socket with internal regulator provides a dependable source of charging capability for electrical accessories using a USB plug. It comes with its own strap handlebar mount.

It features a protective cap attached to the outlet so it is always available, easy to open and visually attractive. Connects directly to a 12v motorcycle battery via a fused cable and is engineered to power down from 12V to the USB power requirements of DC 5V, 2.1A max.

This socket is suitable for any mobile device that utilise a USB ‘A’ connector.

Cable length to USB socket approximately 6ft.

See our cables section for other power cable options including a non-weatherproof USB socket.


Weatherproof USB Socket
Connects to 12v power supply
Powers down to USB requirements of DC 5v, 2.1A max
Charges: Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Apple iPad, Blackberry, Garmin GPS etc
Rated IP65.
Product weighs 0.1kg